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Roy A. Smudde, D.D.S.
President and CEO of GENEVA DENTAL, Inc

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Geneva Dental Inc.
was founded in 1993 by Dr. Roy A. Smudde, to distribute Geneva 2000 denture teeth and products, to educate dental professionals in the Geneva 2000 Denture System and to bring this advancement in prosthetic dentistry to the denture wearer. The functional aspects of this system being based on an advances occlusial technology called Linear or Non-Interceptive occlusion.

Based in Beverly Hills, California, Geneva Dental Inc. is at the forefront of continuing dental education and research in prosthetics. We offer clinical workshops and seminars to introduce and train dental professionals in the latest advancement in prosthetics and complete denture fabrication and delivery: the Geneva 2000 Denture.

The principals of the Geneva 2000 Denture offers increased stability and comfort for the masticatory system for typical denture patients, and providing solutions for problem cases, such as those with negative ridge.

The technique also incorporates the Dentogenic Concept of Aesthetics, which considers the sex, personality and age (SPA Factor) of the patient in order to achieve beauty and naturalness in the denture.

Dr. Smudde has also contributed to the field of prosthetic dentistry by developing an improved method of obtaining vertical centric relation for the patient and a more efficient office procedure for the doctor, which reduces chair time in the fabrication of the denture, decreases post insertion care, and increases the profitability of prosthetic dentistry.

Dr. Smudde's personal commitment to the profession has expressed itself through his studies, research, treatment of the edentulous patients, and his making available the hand-crafted teeth imported from Switzerland, distributed under the name Geneva 2000.

He continues to share his knowledge with innumerable dental professionals by conducting Geneva Dental seminars and workshops, and by participating in lectures and clinics nationwide. By maintaining a forum for the exchange of ideas and information, cutting edge technology, and the scientific improvement, Geneva Dental, is leading the way in providing solutions for the prosthetic dentistry.

Geneva 2000™ Dentures
For a Stable Lower Denture, Fewer costly post insertion care visits
Allowing for More Profits in your denture department!
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Geneva Dental Inc. is the exclusive distributor for GENEVA 2000 porcelain and plastic teeth from Switzerland, as well as a full inventory of ancillary products used in the fabrication of full or partial dentures.