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Geneva Dental Inc. is the sole proprietor of a technology that was developed for the edentulous patient approximately thirty years ago, Non-Interceptive or Linear Occlusion, using Geneva 2000™ AutoCentric posteriors. This technology is disseminated to dentist and laboratory technicians through the division of the company named the Geneva Dental Institute.

Continuing Education Credits Available

The Geneva Dental Institute is a certified continuing education facility where you earn necessary AGD and CDA credits.

Training Division

Patient Services Division
Geneva Dental can help set up a Premium Denture Departments in your dental office.

We have all of the necessary practice building material, patient education brochures and marketing stratagies available to increase referrals and increase new patient flow.

Dental Professionals, who have received advanced training at the Geneva Dental Institute, use target marketing to go directly to the mature market. This marketing, which consist of radio, senior news publications, and direct mail to seniors, educates denture wearers on the benefits of the Geneva 2000™ Denture System.

Available is our toll free patient information line where we answer technical questions for the patient and direct the patients to an office nearest to them.

Geneva Dental can also help the doctor introduce a total healthcare system into their practice including:

Our Goal is for doctors trained in the Geneva 2000™ System to be able to reach all the denture wearers in their area. And using exclusively Geneva 2000™ products, sevices, technology and Laboratory support, provide the finest aesthetic dentistry available.

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Geneva Dental North America
Premium Denture Products Division

Geneva Dental North America is the exclusive distributor of high quality denture products imported from Switzerland.
These products are used in the fabrication of fixed and removable prosthetic appliances such as dentures, partials, as well as teeth for bidges and implants. ONLINE CATALOG

Originally imported from Switzerland by Dr. John P. Frush, these same products have been available for the past 40 years. In 1993, following the retirement of Dr. Frush, Dr. Roy A. Smudde acquired the contract for these same premium products, from the original source in Zurich Switzerland. Dr. Smudde then established Geneva Dental Inc., and the name of the products were changed to Geneva 2000.

With these products now being sold under the name GENEVA 2000™, through clinical workshops and seminars at the Geneva Dental Institute, GENEVA introduces dental professionals to the GENEVA 2000™ technique, the latest advancement in complete denture fabrication and delivery. In addition to increased stability and comfort of the masticatory system for typical denture patients, the GENEVA 2000 ™ technique also provides solutions for problem cases such as those with negative ridges.

The technique also incorporates the GENEVA 2000™ concept of Premium Quality Denture Aesthetics. Which considers the sex, personality and age (SPA factor) of the patient when selecting and setting the Anterior teeth.

"Our main purpose is to help the dental professional deliver the finest, most naturally esthetic and functional dentures possible", says Dr. Roy A. Smudde, President and CEO of GENEVA DENTAL, Inc.

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Roy A. Smudde D.D.S.
President Geneva Dental Inc.

Dr. Smudde's Bio

Product Catalog

These same premium molds and shades of teeth, original designed in Switzerland, and all the premium office and laboratory products are now available, with next business day delivery Monday through Friday, if you call 1(800) GENEVA-7 / 1(800)436-3827, before 3:00 p.m. PST.






























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