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The Geneva 2000™ Denture

Each set of Geneva 2000™ dentures is custom made for the individual patient. The process begins with a series of detailed measurements taking into account crucial aspects of facial size and specifics of the individual mouth.
The patient can choose from a wide range of Smile Designs™, and the teeth, imported from Switzerland, are hand crafted and designed to show subtle differences in shape that make men's teeth look more masculine and women's more feminine. The teeth have subtle and natural differences in shapes and together it creates a beautiful and natural looking smile.
Tooth color is also carefully evaluated to find the perfect color for the patient. Geneva 2000™ teeth are made with over 12-14 different layers of colored porcelain and Geneva 2000™ Dentures use a state-of-the-art design that make them as secure and comfortable in the mouth as possible.

Before Close-Up
After Close-Up

The aesthetic results you see in these amazing before and after photos are achieved by a team of Dental Professionals specially trained in the Geneva 2000™ technology.  Together using our unique teeth originally imported from Switzerland, and special tools to take detailed measurements of your face and the surrounding structure, a unique, beautiful and natural smile is created for each person.

And With a Geneva 2000™ Denture
You Can Throw Away That Awful Denture Adhesives!

Yes it's true, with the Geneva 2000™ your denture will be more stable in the mouth, and food won't get trapped underneath during meals, even in people with little or no lower ridge.

You want to know how this is possible. Our informed representatives are just a phone call away at our toll FREE number 1(888) 436-3827 to answer your technical questions.

Clinical studies have shown that 80% of all denture patients want more than what standard dentures have to offer. This same clinical research indicates that when introduced to Geneva 2000™ Premium Quality Dentures,
six out of ten patients choose Geneva 2000™ Dentures

And what about the people who don't choose a Geneva 2000™ Denture?

They continue to try and cope by covering there mouth when they smile, shying away from social events where they may be embarraced by a loose or slipping denture, and they continue to use denture adhesives to try and hold them in place. And the use of denture adhesive usually means a poor fitting denture. Such dentures can cause trauma, eventually leading to bone loss which can lead to an even more unstable denture and countless returns to a dentist for re-lines and adjustments creating an endless cycle of discomfort, pain and frustration.

Clinical research has shown that the Geneva 2000™ Denture is oftentimes the only solution for problem cases, i.e., major bone loss on the lower part of the mouth due to long term use of poor fitting dentures.

Why does the Geneva 2000™ Denture have
Superior Beauty and Life-like Appearance?

After This is due, in part, to our handcrafted teeth imported from Switzerland. Geneva 2000™ teeth are made by layering twelve to fourteen different porcelain colors, thus simulating the look of natural teeth.
How the teeth are positioned are also a critical factor, and we teach dental professionals the artistic skills of natural tooth placement.

Natural looking teeth, however, is not the only beauty of Geneva 2000™ dentures. Many unfortunate patients have withstood the pain and discomfort of generic dentures, accepting them as a painful, but necessary way of life.

Not so with  patients who are fitted with dentures made with the Geneva 2000™ Dentures. Geneva 2000™ patients have happily discovered that exceptional comfort is the true beauty of their unique dentures.

After Close-Up Before Close-Up


Through over 30 years of clinical research, Geneva Dental Inc. is very pleased to report a near 100% satisfaction rate.

Patients who have been fitted with Geneva 2000™ dentures have made the following remarks:
"I love the look and feel of these dentures."
"Chewing is much more comfortable."
"I have less discomfort and more stability."

No Longer Must Dentures Cause You Pain and Embarrassment.
Geneva 2000™ Dentures Are Designed To Help You Lead a More Healthy, Comfortable and Full Life.